Big Bold & Brave II

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About the Course

Ready to take your paintings to the next level? Big Bold and Brave II is the second part of a fully remote online course designed to help you grow professionally as an artist. Create alongside Wyanne as she gives you the tips and tricks not only to elevate your work, but blossom as a professional artist in the business.


Wyanne's unique style isn't about holding your hand every step of the way. You'll learn how to tap into your individual style, defeat your inner critic, and promote yourself professionally -- all while following the guidance of a master painter. This is all-new content from Big Bold and Brave I.


Students will be granted forever access to recorded videos, course material, and supplies lists within an accessible member portal. All videos are subtitled, and an English transcript is provided that can be copied into translation apps for International students. 


Monthly live Zoom sessions will also be available for the first six months of the course, where students will be able to ask questions. get lovetiques, and share their stories with Wyanne.


This course is a part of Wyanne's workshop series that contains both this class and Big Bold and Brave I. Although the courses compliment each other, they can be taken in any order. If you're interested in enrolling in Big Bold and Brave I, you can find information on the course here. 


What does it mean to be Big, Bold and Brave?


Don't let the word deceive you: being BIG isn't about making big paintings. You'll be experimenting with loads of new techniques and supplies, to inspire your work -- no matter the size of the canvas.


Being BOLD is about discovering what makes your work uniquely yours, using Wyanne's guidance to help cultivate and motivate your inner power as an artist.


You're already a great artist, but being BRAVE will give you the confidence to trust your gut, defeat your inner critic, and promote yourself in the art world to find personal success the Wyanne way. 


"As an art degree student, I have learned more from Wyanne than I ever did in university! Go for it!"




You'll learn how to mix media like a master for both archival and gallery-worthy paintings -- using a variety of supplies in your work taught from brand new content by Wyanne.


Most supplies can be substituted and you are encouraged to experiment. Supplies and techniques are only the first step to discovering your voice as an artist!



It doesn't matter your level of experience, Big Bold and Brave II is an empowerment-driven course that can benefit both the veteran artist and the true beginner. 

This course focuses on positive encouragement, avoiding comparison, and treating each painting like a practice.