no limits watercolor


About the Course

No Limits Watercolor is a fully remote online course designed to help you master the art of watercolor painting. Learn from an expert as she walks you through the building blocks to this adventurous medium and teaches you how to splash color the Wyanne way! 


Watercolors were Wyanne's first love, and her experience with its processes and techniques will elevate your painting practice. From working in a variety of abstract styles, to learning about the array of paints and paper to choose from, and even taking your work to a professional level... No Limits Watercolor will develop even a total beginner into an expert. 


Students will be granted forever access to recorded videos, course material, and supplies lists within an accessible member portal. All videos are subtitled, and an English transcript is provided that can be copied into translation apps for International students. 

Weekly live Zoom sessions will also be available in the course, where students will be able to ask questions, get suggestions on their work, and share their stories with Wyanne. 

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Students will learn to...

Embrace the Watercolor Essentials

Through a series of guided exercises and recorded videos, Wyanne will take you through the basics of watercolor as well as the more advanced techniques that'll help you on your imaginative and vibrant journey. 

Master the World of Color

From exploring gouache, to playing with different brushes and collage, and even making your own watercolors by hand, students can expect an adventure of discovery and spontaneity.

Elevate Themselves Professionally

 Once you've developed your watercolor practice, it's time to mount and finish your work the Wyanne way. Learn from an expert on how to incorporate your work onto even larger canvases and send them out into the art world. 


"For anyone who is still considering joining the class, do it! No regrets! Amazing stuff."

Sandy L.


Never-Seen-Before Content 

Using brand new tips, tricks, and techniques outside of her previous classes, Wyanne will teach students how to paint like a pro for both archival and gallery-worthy paintings. This class will even feature travel vlogs and show off the many facets of watercolor painting in the real world!


Most supplies can be substituted and you are encouraged to think outside the box. Although this is a class about watercolor, there is still a focus on your voice as an artist. 



It doesn't matter your level of experience, Big Bold and Brave II is an empowerment-driven course that can benefit both the veteran artist and the true beginner. 


This course focuses on positive encouragement, avoiding comparison, and treating each painting like a practice. 



 The course and lessons are untimed and designed to be revisited, giving you a lifetime of practice and play to continue experimenting and working on your watercolor wisdom.


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