Mixed Media with the Girls


Class includes 26 high quality videos (almost 7 hours)Now includes a bonus video from my Watercolor Wyanne's Way Class demonstrating masking fluid.


Through videos, you'll learn how to make a mixed media painting on canvas or paper. The focal point of the painting is your own unique girly or diva that you will learn to draw. We'll be using lots of collage, layering, painting faces and drawing.


Through 3 different paintings, I'll show you how to paint mixed media on paper, on canvas and combining the two in a two dimensional paper doll style. I will show you how to finish them in beeswax, as well as faux beeswax for acrylics.


Individual videos cover:
- Backgrounds-depth,layering,painting
- Drawing the face and body
- Painting the face and figure in detail
- Adding clothing, collage elements
- Finishing techniques


Supply List: these are the necessary items to complete a painting


scrap paper
watercolor or acrylic paint
watercolor paper or Ampersand Aquabord or canvas (wood is okay too)
brushes (there are no "special" ones, just what you have and feel comfortable with)
Golden Soft Gel or Mod Podge (it's up to you whether you like gloss or matte)
various collage papers or phone book, maps, old books, anything

Nice to Have Supply List


watercolor crayons, watercolor pencils or water soluble oil pastels
black technical pen like Copic Multiliner or Sakura Pigma Micron Pen under 1mm
natural beeswax or finishing varnish of your choice

Masking Fluid....any brand is fine.  I recommend Winsor Newton Colorless Masking Fluid

Totally Up to Your Style List


iridescent paint
collage elements (unique things you might want to add to the painting)
rubber stamps
wax paper
saran wrap


This was my second online class and is priced accordingly.  :)


Past students of Wyanne's classes always get a discount! Please select past student or new student in the options.