Mixed Media Resin Workshop


The Mixed Media Resin Class is conducted through written lessons and extensive videos and photos. Workshop participants are encouraged to ask questions to me directly.

What's the Workshop Covers:

Learning how to properly mix resin. Understanding health and safety issues.Mixing the proper amount for your painting. Tips to make working with resin easier. Taping sides and how tapes are not created equally when working with resin. Getting rid of those pesky bubbles. Projects Demo Videos: Applying resin as a final varnish on wood and canvas.

Sanding and finishing. Handling power tools. Preparing to let resin run over the sides of a project. Advantages and Disadvantages. Project Demo Video: Encapsulating your artwork in resin. 

Finishing the resin artwork. What to do when things go wrong. The trials and tribulations of working with resin. Saving your work and avoiding problems. Mixing color in your resin. Project Demo Video: Using Resin as the paint and canvas itself.

Layering Resin. Using layers of resin to make colors pop and float. Combining other mediums besides paint. Using markers, Souffle pens, dimensional paint. Project: Creating multi-dimensional work with layers of resin and paint.

Mixed Media under resin. Adding papers, photos, jewels, ephemera, objects etc. Understanding the chemical reactions and how to avoid problems. Project Demo Video: Creating a mixed media resin painting with collage elements.

Isolating resin elements within a painting. Learn how to use resin in just one isolated area of a painting, using cut out areas, and dammed areas. Project Demo Video: Isolating resin and painting within a piece of artwork

Combining resin with other mediums, such as beeswax, photography and jewelry. Project Demo Video: Using Resin and Encaustic beeswax together in artwork and a Bonus Demo : metal clay jewelry and resin.

26 High Definition instructional and demonstration videos. 
All videos are available for download. 
They can be watched online, on mobile devices and tablets.

Supply List:

Envirotex Lite 2 part resin (available at hardware stores, Michaels, and online) 32 oz. is good to start with, depending on the amount of projects and size of your projects...you might need more.

Scotch blue painter's tape Multi surface NOT Delicate Surface (other brands are not created equal. Available at Kmart, Walmart, hardware stores) 1" wide

your finished artwork on canvas or wood for resin varnish, 12X12 or smaller (Week One)

8X10 or smaller wood or canvas for future projects (wood is easier to work with, I recommend these wood canvas panels) Please note: You can work larger but you will need to purchase larger amounts of resin

Lighter, Disposable Butane like this one - click here OR
self igniting propane torch (the torch is better for larger work)

plastic disposable table cloths or trash bags

Clear plastic disposable cups, like you would use for a party. Needs to hold 10 oz or more.

kitchen measuring cup (not for resin, we will be measuring water)

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New Student - $68

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