A few years ago, I created my Mixed Media Resin class. In fact it's still offered here. Working with resin was a fairly new medium that artist's were just starting to explore. There were not many resin options out there and most were pretty toxic.  When I had my health challenge in 2014, I pretty much gave up the idea of using resin again due to it's toxicity. But, I'm happy to report that I've found some much less toxic resin's and alternatives.  And once again, I can achieve that gorgeous glass like look in my work again.

Taking my first resin class is not required...but there's some really good information in there.  It was filmed before my cancer and I talk during those videos. In my new "More Mixed Media Resin" all the videos will have subtitles.  

The class will run live for 4 weeks. But, you ALWAYS have forever access to it.  So you can come back again and again when you need to look something up or just be inspired. We will have a Facebook group for questions and posting your work. 

Each week I will be exploring a step by step painting with resin and resin alternatives.  Then I will take you into much more advanced techniques and how I use them in my own work.  I will be working both large and small.  The class will progress each week in complexity.

Don't worry if you don't have a studio do resin.  As long as

you have a well ventilated area...or even can work outside

you will be fine. :)

I will be covering the basics of working with resin and resin alternatives. Plus layering, painting with resin, pouring, and adding other mediums to resin. And more surprises!


All videos are available for download. 
They can be watched online, on mobile devices and tablets.

Forever access.

New Student - $68

Returning Student $48

Presale Earlybird Special until May 31st 



"Don't Be A Chicken Shit". 40" X 60" resin and mixed media on wood.