So you might be thinking...what the heck qualifies her to mentor artists? Well babe, I've been around awhile. I've been a full-time artist for almost 20 years. other rich get the picture. I have been selling art online since 1997! I know how to market, stay current, create a brand, build an audience and create some kick ass artwork that sells.

How Does It Work?

We begin with a 4 week commitment. 

Each week will include:


  • written checklist/game plan for the week

  • daily email exchange Monday-Friday


  • weekly critique of artwork and progress 

this includes:

private video with subtitles and

demo overlays ( I draw or paint over your artwork)

At the end of the four can decide to continue on a weekly, monthly or as needed basis. Or fly off on your own!  When my badass artists decide they have their wings...I present them with a final assessment and personalized "things to remember" list. 

What do you need:

a strong desire to make it work

a 4 week commitment

be prepared for homework and to do lists

at least 2-4 hours out of your day for artwork and marketing

high speed internet

a camera (phone cameras are fine)

ability to send me photos of your artwork

a positive attitude

Some examples of things we'll cover based on your needs and desires

  • finding your style

  • your own website

  • Etsy

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • creating artwork that sells

  • building an audience

  • YouTube

  • your own online classes

  • building your brand

  • apps to streamline your marketing

  • wholesale

  • licensing

  • making prints

  • photographing and scanning artwork

  • galleries

  • consignment

  • and more depending on your needs

My artist mentoring program isn't for everyone. You have to have to be strong, positive, and willing to put in the work and time. 

I invest a lot of time in you...

we are a team.

After submitting your PayPal payment...I will email you a a pretty lengthy questionnaire to get to know you. Please allow up to 24 hours to get this email. We'll schedule an official start date and you'll be off and running.

Currently Full with a waiting list. 

Email me to check availability


I offer two pricing options for the 4 week session.

For your convenience, weekly payments are available.

A discount is available when purchasing the complete 4 week session at one time.

Not Sure If this is right for you?

Have questions?

Email me. Let's talk. I promise I'm nice. :)

Sorry no refunds once we agree on a start date. If there is a conflict, extreme circumstance, etc., the session will be postponed and rescheduled.

I reserve the right to discontinue mentoring at any time for excessive whining, laziness, negative attitudes, and failure to put in the time or effort.