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Paint Free Workshop with WYANNE


Free: (adjective)


being without hindrance or constraint; released from burdens or worry; not blocked or impeded; generous in spirit.


PAINT+FREE= your own UNIQUE style


I receive numerous emails from artists who are struggling to find their own unique style.  They take lots of classes, but cannot seem to break away into something that is uniquely their own.  We get so caught up in gaining knowledge that we forget that we are the boss, the creator of our own work. If you look through the internet you find so much art that all looks the same.  As a painter, how do you find your own style? For some people, it comes naturally.  But, for others we seem to be influenced by classes we taken or other artists that we admire.  You almost become a sponge soaking it all in, unable to produce any work that doesn't reflect someone else's work in some way.  This class is designed to share with you techniques that I have learned over the years to help you paint with more freedom.  You'll discover how to mentally, emotionally and creatively let go, as well as the actual painting techniques to accelerate your progress.


Work at your own pace, you always have forever access to the class and videos.

Paint Free is divided into weekly lessons.  It's a process and shouldn't be rushed.  But, please work at your own pace.  Here's what we cover each week:


Week One: Finding your own unique inspiration. How to go beyond "It's all been done before" and create meaningful, heartfelt paintings. Discovering your own painting approach. Getting comfortable with the art supplies you already have, and how to use them to their full potential.

Week Two: Unblocking and learning to let go. Clearing your mind to paint without limitations. Creating your own unique personal color palette. Trusting yourself and obliterating your inner critic. Learning that technique follows creativity. 

Week Three: How your emotions can have positive or negative effects on your painting.  Getting over the feeling of not being good enough, or comparing ourselves to others. Learning simple composition strategies to ensure a balanced successful painting. 

Week Four: Dealing with time management. Using doodles to create brilliant, unique paintings.  How to become "unstuck" when you are at a loss for ideas. Technical artistic mediums and techniques to take your work to another level.


Week Five: Recycling old work into new work. Keeping collage work fresh and exciting, instead of just objects stuck to a painting.  Questioning our need to use additional collage elements in paintings, and how it can serve as a crutch. Additional technical art techniques to take your work to the next level. 

Week Six: Bringing it all together.  Combining your old style of painting with your new style.  How to incorporate new learned techniques into your work without losing your own unique style.  Recap, summary and closing inspiration.


This class is for artists of all levels.  If you haven't painted in 20 years, are just starting out, or paint every day and feel you'd like to change your style and loosen's for all levels.


Here are some reviews of the class from past students:



From Carrie from Carrie's Art and Soul:


Paint Free has helped me with exactly what I was struggling with as an artist--finding my own style and ability to come up with my own original ideas.  I'm very good at copying other people's work but was afraid and unsure of how to take the next step.  This class has given me the skills and confidence I need as an artist to make art that is truly my own.


The exercises throughout the class simultaneously combine art techniques with self-reflection that merge to create meaningful and artwork that only you can create based on your past experiences, energy and perspective.  I finally have realized that I need to stop comparing myself to other artists because what I offer is unique and valuable as an artist and individual.


I have also benefited from Wyanne's vast knowledge of other prominent artists.  The videos and artwork she shares is extremely helpful in learning techniques with other artists to incorporate into my own artwork in my own way without having to copy their art.


Additionally, I really appreciate the small class size.  I've taken online art classes before where the instructor lets so many people in the class that it is impossible to connect with other class members.  Wyanne respects the need for us to go through this together and offer support to one another without feeling overwhelmed by the class size or amount of content being shared.


This has by far been my favorite and most worthwhile art class I have taken on so many levels.  I feel that I am challenged as an artist, enjoy the assignments (I love Wyanne's ideas!), and feel that I am growing as an artist and learning the skills I need to continue to grow after the class has ended.  Thanks, Wyanne, for all your help and sharing your knowledge, wisdom and experience with me.


Christine Krauss from San Diego wrote:


The gears are clicking into place and for the first time in my artistic life my heart feels like it is soaring above the earth. THAT is how free I feel now and it is from your words Wyanne! How powerful they have been for me! Of course the lessons and words all tie in, but it is your words that have made such an imprint on my heart and mind and artistic soul. In fact as I read the assignment you posted today (Friday) all I could think about was the fact that I felt I was finished with the class. You had given me what I had been searching for years for... already! The key had been handed to me that unlocked that golden door! I no longer feel I need anything except some brushes and some canvas or wood or whatever to express my heart and soul! Jeez, I would paint on the walls of the house or my shoes or the dogs if I didn't have anything at this point! lol  You have given me the ultimate I could have asked for and that was the knowledge of what it means to be an artist. It extends to anything I might want to create and it was your own personal journey and sharing that so openly and honestly that gave me that magical key! My hope is that everyone else got a magical key as well Wyanne because no drug on earth could give you a high like I am feeling 

right at this moment in time! 

With love and SO MUCH gratitude, Christine Krauss Painting free forever!= 

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