"Thoughts Become Things" Mini Workshop

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Special Mini Workshop. Step by Step Demo of my painting, "Thoughts Become Things". 

Six downloadable, high definition videos...watchable on tablets and mobile devices

focuses on watercolor painting, mixing soft shades, masking, using coffee as watercolor and professionally finishing the painting

Since my communication is somewhat challenged these days....I still let you know what I'm doing and why, with subtitles. So you can listen to some groovy music on my video, or completely mute the video and not have to worry about missing anything! I also speed up the videos just a little, so you are not totally bored out of your mind. LOL I know personally...I have a short attention span when it comes to watching videos...(show me the action)...so not being able to talk well now after the "Big C" has a silver lining. Also the videos are High Definition, watchable on both tablets and mobile devices...and you can download them!

Beginners to Seasoned Artists

You have forever access to the content, and can come back and review it anytime!

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