Watercolor Wyanne's Way Workshop


Are you fascinated by watery, flowing paint...but never had the courage to see where watercolor could take you? Have you been afraid to try watercolors because the medium seemed to have too many rules (or not enough rules ;)? Have you been discouraged in the past by washed out, faded, muddy results from watercolor? If so, then this might be the class for you. 

I have always loved watercolor, but it seemed to have too many rules...so I strayed away from it. In the past years, I picked up the medium again....and this time....I made my own rules. And in doing so...I've fallen in love all over again with watercolor. In this class, I will show you everything that I've discovered about the medium and where it can take you. 

I think you'll fall in love with watercolor too!

We will be looking at all the tried...but not necessarily true.... rules of watercolor. I'll show you ways to modify them, break them and incorporate them into your own work.

There are so many tips and tricks in this class...that I can't possibly tell you all of them...but here are a few of the things that we will be covering:

pouring watercolor
watercolor blooms
incorporating subtle collage
achieving great color values
floating colors
professionally finishing your work

and more!

Also, throughout the class....I'll be showing you special effects that I use frequently, and some unique materials that you might not know about!

Over 50 videos.

The videos are downloadable 

We will explore watercolor subjects such as whimsical animals, imaginative landscapes, faces and more!

The class is divided into weeks, but you can work at your own pace.

EACH WEEK will focus on

different materials,


special effects,

and how I specifically incorporate these into my own work. 

PLUS... a step by step, fun, challenge project for you to complete!

The class is conducted in my private online workshop site. It will include both written content and weekly videos. There will be a step by step project video each week, plus additional videos covering new materials, techniques, effects and how I incorporate these into my own work. 

Videos are downloadable in both pc and mac formats, and also available to watch online...plus on mobile devices and tablets.

Students will be able to post photos of their work for Wyanne's comments and suggestions. 

Online Facebook Group available for questions and to get to know others in the class.

Basic supplies of watercolor paints, watercolor paper and brushes are needed to participate in the class. 

This is a forever class, meaning you always have access to it and all videos are downloadable!


Past students of Wyanne's classes always get a discount! Please select past student or new student in the options.


New Student - $120

Past Student - $90