This is not your typical encaustic wax class. It's my way of working with various waxes in my work. And anyone who knows me...knows I tend to break the rules. Well, in encaustic...the rules can't be broken too much...but they can be bent a little. 

I will be covering the basics of working with wax and all the safety concerns. I wouldn't be a good teacher if I didn't do that. But, I'll be showing you how I combine wax with my watercolors, gouache and more. I show you how I make my own encaustic pigments and encaustic medium. Because it can get very costly and I try to make it a little more affordable. 

I will be showing you encaustic monoprints and my own way of using those monoprints in my paintings. I'll be exploring other wax mediums, such as cold wax. I will be working on both small and large encaustic works.

I'll show you ways to finish and mount both your monoprints and paintings. And we will discuss packing and shipping of encaustic work.

This class opens on October 1st. All lessons will be available at that time. But, no have forever access. I will be showing you step by step techniques. But I'll also be taking you step by step through  will take the lesson my own personal work. We will have a dedicated Facebook page for questions and posting of your work.

A supply list will be posted and sent to students on or before September 1st. 

Forever Access.

Downloadable videos. 

Subtitles on all videos.
Videos can be watched on mobile devices.

New Students $120

Returning Students $90