Can I get a hell yeah? Sorry...for the potty mouth...but for some reason I have no problem pronouncing salty words after my As many of you know...I recently moved into a huge dream come true studio! I finally have the space to do the really BIG paintings I've been dreaming about! And I can work on multiple paintings, jewelry and still have room to dance around!  I feel like it has opened so many fresh ideas, techniques and just great, great energy!  I really wanted to share it with you...and what better way than You&Me!

My You&Me series started in 2015. It is the next best thing to being in the studio with me on a daily basis. And there's an awesome Facebook community of You&Me artists sharing, learning and encouraging each other!

This go round, You&Me opened Sept. 1st, 2016 and ran through the end of March 2017.  YOU CAN JOIN THE PARTY ANYTIME! At the first of each month, I post that months lessons, videos and surprises! There are at least three to four different painting demos...(usually more...I'm known to go overboard). We will take the month of December off to enjoy the holidays...and this can also help you catch up if you've fallen a little behind. 

Now...don't let "Making it Big" scare you! Yes, I'll be working on the big paintings. But...I'll also be working small and showing you how to use the same techniques in smaller works.  I know for a fact that to make it have to start out's all about the baby steps.  And just because you've made it still means you have to KEEP IT SMALL. get the idea...I promise you won't be overwhelmed.


"Making It Big" doesn't apply to just the artwork. It applies to "making it as an artist" and in life.  I'll be taking you behind the paintings to how I market my work, prepare if for shows, shipping and galleries.  I'll sharing the ups and downs, both as an artist and in life...and how I kick ass. And introducing you to some really talented, fun, colorful artists!

My biggest passion is to encourage and inspire artists to find their own style during this class! Paint like you were born to paint!

You&Me Making it BIG runs live Sept.1st, 2016 - March 31, 2017. But you always have FOREVER access to the you can go back and review the information at any time.  High quality videos to watch online, mobile devices or download.

In this session of You&Me...

I'll be using




spray paint,

gold leaf,


resin alternatives,


painting on wood, canvas, paper,

exploring acrylic mediums,

and much more

There is no formal supply list. A supply list is posted each month with the lessons. But, you are encouraged to use what you have on hand. I am always amazed at the alternatives that all the badass

You&Me artists come up with! We all learn from each other!

Returning Past Students $85

New Students $120

Please note this is a one time charge that pays for the entire 6 month class. :)



Join Anytime...Forever Access!