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Common questions and answers are listed below.  I'm super happy to if you don't see your question answered here.  Please feel free to email me...


Do you personally offer prints of your artwork?
No, I am currently concentrating on creating original art only. Prints of my older work are available online through various stores such as Art.comiCanvas, Amazon and more. Just google Wyanne prints.


My older work is licensed through  Please contact them directly for any licensing related questions.


Galleries, Wholesale, Etc


I am open to gallery representation.  No,  I do not sell wholesale.  I don't do festivals, or outside shows... I melt. Visit my wonderful Galleries Here


Studio Visits


My studio is open by appointment only.  It is located in Madison just outside of Athens, GA. Please contact me via email to schedule a visit, since I don't talk on the phone due to my speech impediment.  Email


What is the Best Class to Learn your Style?

This is a tough question that I get asked several times a day.  My style has changed and evolved in the two decades that I have worked as a full-time artist.  All my classes show techniques and skills that I use on a daily basis. But, no two paintings are the same.  Each one always takes me on a new journey.  I'm constantly learning, playing, and experimenting with my work.  I try to teach my students to do the same in theirs.  Classes can only teach so much.  You've got to dive in and do the work... Lots of it.  That's how you "really" learn... And especially how you grow as an artist. See my latest classes here.


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